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Overtime Breakdown

The Pilot Light Chefs

Esther and Katie celebrate their 100th episode with style as they as they sit down and talk with the Pilot Light chefs, Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan.

BusinessMakers Breakdown

Martin Berson - Snap Kitchen

Katie & Esther interview Martin Berson, founder and chief grass roots officer of Snap Kitchen, a healthy grab-n-go restaurant concept that offers nutrition, portion control and fresh ingredients custom-prepared and packaged for ease of use. (“We’re making it easy for people to eat better.”)

Special Features

It’s All About Karma

Katie and Esther discuss how a group of New York artists bought the entire contents of Hercules’ Fancy Grocery Store in New York City, then repurposed the contents of the store as art and resold the items at ridiculously high prices. (“What is it about certain businesses that would make a person so passionate?”)


Healthcare Reform Tax Credits

Under the new Healthcare rules, employers can qualify for tax credits. But, there are qualifications, requirements and exclusions. Carl Kleimann gives details.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Maria Tapias and Leonardo Basterra

Featured Guests Maria Tapias & Leonardo Basterra explain their new 3D sound technology and its remarkable effects on audio books.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Rick Brennan

Amber Ambrose sits down with Rick Brennan of Histrionix and discusses the future of education, well not entirely but close.

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