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Episode 468: Linked Entrepreneurs

Episode 468 originally broadcast on May 24, 2014

So many people on LinkedIn; so many people could do it better. Manage change and transform yourself where business people live. The BusinessMakers host J.D. Gershbein, the LinkedIn Catalyst. In our vignettes, Leisa chats with fashion designer Nanette Lepore; Russ visits with Jeff Toal, Med-Enterprise; Robin interviews the Houston Symphony’s Glenn Taylor; and Laura Max chats with Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News.

School of Business 5/24/2014

Russ and John host the show for the working class. It’s the BusinessMakers, the entrepreneurs, who most positively affect our lives. Includes: our Quote of the Week—humor from Soviet-born immigrant Yakov Smirnoff; This Week in Business History includes innovation like the ice cream freezer, betamax and Tetris; and the Jargon Challenge Round—trendy technospeak you don’t know, but should.

J.D. Gershbein - The LinkedIn Catalyst

His ability to spark people to take action on the site has earned him the moniker of “The LinkedIn Catalyst.” Listen as JD discusses how taking a psychological approach can create LinkedIn success.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton - Physician

You can’t plan it all; sometimes unexpected things just happen. Laura Max interviews Dr. Jennifer Ashton, physician, author and ABC News senior medical contributor.

Brandonomics from Savage - Glenn Taylor

One hundred years is a big deal; how can you say it all? Robin Tooms chats with Glenn Taylor, chief marketing officer for the Houston Symphony.

Women Mean Business - Nanette Lepore

Today’s extraordinary woman started small, trusted her instincts and never gave up. Leisa Holland-Nelson chats with Nanette Lepore, a contemporary fashion designer.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Jeff Toal

Jeff Toal, CEO of Med-Enterprise, discusses with Russ Capper how financial trends in the healthcare industry led him to establish Med-Enterprise.

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