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Episode 458: Relationship-based Entrepreneurship

Episode 458 originally broadcast on March 15, 2014

Sixteen years ago Phyllis Bailey came home from a vacation and launched her PR firm. She never looked back (and she has some great stories). In our vignettes, Leisa chats with Elizabeth Killinger, NRG Texas Retail and Reliant; Karen Love visits with PKF’s Scott Soles; Robin interviews Alex Brown, Waste Management; and Laura Max visits Matchstick’s Steven Leeper.

School of Business 3/15/2014

Russ and Leisa host the show that is NOT your business-as-usual curriculum. We operate in the trenches. Includes: our Quote of the Week—a clever truth from Albert Einstein; This Week in Business History includes little known truths about the Wright Brothers (their original patent for the flying machine was rejected!), Popeye and the Ford Thunderbird; and the Jargon Challenge Round—trendy technospeak you should know.

Phyllis Bailey - 3B Resources Group

By the time Phyllis Bailey started her PR firm, she’d already had several successful careers. Now, 16 years later, Bailey and her firm are totally involved in the fabric of the Houston community. She was recently appointed to the board of directors of the Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau. Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Phyllis Bailey, founder and president of 3B Resources Group, a PR, media relations and special events firm.

The Light Files - Steven Leeper

Laura Max visits with Steven Leeper, founder and owner of Matchstick, a marketing, communication and design staffing firm.

Brandonomics from Savage - Alex Brown

What can social media do for you? Robin Tooms asks an expert: Alex Brown, senior social media and employment branding specialist at Waste Management.

Women Mean Business - Elizabeth Killinger

Community involvement can support your career. Leisa Holland-Nelson chats with Elizabeth Killinger, president, NRG Texas Retail and Reliant.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Scott Soles

There’s so much more to accounting than financials. Karen Love visits with Scott Soles, a CPA and audit director for PKF.

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