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Women Mean Business - June Ressler

June Ressler

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Are entrepreneurs born or made? Leisa Holland-Nelson asks June Ressler, founder and CEO of global consultant Cenergy International Services.

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Leisa: Hello, I'm Leisa Holland-Nelson, and welcome to another edition of Women Mean Business, where we're going to take you up close and personal with extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. My guess today is June Ressler, founder and CEO of Cenergy International Services, a global consulting business for the energy industry.

June, you have been so successful. Imagine that we have a young professional with us today, a young professional woman, and she wants to achieve your success, and probably as an entrepreneur as you have, what advice would you give her?

June: Being an entrepreneur is something that I believe you're born with. I've always thought you're either an employee or an employer. For me personally, it didn't occur to me that I was an employer until I had my first job as an employee and it was very difficult because I felt so constrained with my schedule, and I really needed freedom, and that's when I realized that I need to be able to run my own show and do my own thing.

So first I believe that you need to understand who you are, and if you feel like you are able to take risks and want to do your own thing, and you create the rules as opposed to having the rules given to you, then I think that that's a no-brainer. Come up with a good idea, and get some money to back you, and you've got it.

Leisa: Thank you very much. There you have it. Extraordinary advice from an extraordinary woman.

I'm Leisa Holland-Nelson, President and co-founder of Content Active, Houston's leading web and mobile design and development company. You can find me at, or follow me on Twitter @LHNelson. We'll be back again next week with another edition of Women Mean Business.

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