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PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Ryan Istre

Ryan Istre

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Guest host Jen Lemanski and PKF audit director Ryan Istre discuss how company culture can shape a person’s career. Plus Jen asks why clients and potential employees are drawn to PKF Texas.

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Jen: This is the PKF Texas Entrepreneurs Playbook. I'm Jen Lemanski, this week's guest host, and today, we're telling the stories of what PKF Texas means to our people. Ryan Istre is a director in our Audit Department. Welcome to the Playbook, Ryan.

Ryan: Thanks for having me, Jen.

Jen: So Ryan, how has PKF Texas shaped your career in actually becoming a director?

Ryan: I think the general theme around our clients at PKF Texas is that we have a great cross section of clients here that sort of mirrors the economy in Houston. I think the generality of that group has helped me to become very diverse in my skillset.

Jen: And did you always know you wanted to be a director here?

Ryan: I think I knew from very early on that I wanted to be a director at this place.

Jen: 'Cause you've been here since college, right?

Ryan: I did. I stepped in here about three months after graduating from college, so I've seen a transformation in the firm in a positive way, and shortly after I started, I knew I wanted to continue my trajectory into being a director in the Audit Group.

Jen: That's awesome. Now why do you think talented people with all the choices in the world from other accounting firms to industry, why should they come to PKF Texas and work with us?

Ryan: The standard answer that most folks will give you that it's the people. The people here are the great assets that we have as our firm, and while that is true, I think the people couples with the diversity of our client base and just the broad opportunity for advancement and broad variety of skill sets is what attracts talented, young individuals.

Jen: That sounds great. Thanks so much for being here, Ryan. We really appreciate it.

Ryan: Thank you for having me.

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