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Women Mean Business - Shushana Castle

Shushana Castle

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She went from Wall Street to a third world country. Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Sushana Castle, author of Rethink Food.

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Leisa: Hello, I'm Lisa Holland-Nelson and welcome to another edition of Women Mean Business where we're going to take you up close and personal with extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. My guest today is Shushana Castle, coauthor of this incredible new book Rethink Food: 100 Doctors Can't be Wrong. Shushana, welcome to Women Mean Business.

Shushana: Thank you so much, Lisa, for having me.

Leisa: I know you did not start out as a nutritionist or healthy food author. Tell us about your career.

Shushana: Sure, with pleasure. It was a career that was influenced by my father. He was in the financial sector. So by the time I was 17 the requirement was read the Wall Street Journal and understand it, and I did. So out of college I got into the financial world and made my way to London working with Merrill Lynch, and eventually found myself on the institutional side managing very large accounts with tier one entities—municipalities, government accounts—around the world. So a lot of what I did was travel to the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Gulf countries to many areas of Europe for over ten years, meeting with the think tanks, the powers that be, the boards of directors, and structuring really fixed income securities deals. And after, gosh, about 20 years I said to myself, "I need to be more useful to this planet and to really give back." So I went into the clean technology space to empower women with water in developing countries.

Leisa: Wow.

Shushana: And from that—which is still part of my life and very dear and close to me. But with that I learned so much interviewing so many doctors about food and water as it relates to diseases. The idea of Rethink Food was born.

Leisa: Wow. Wall Street's involved in everything. Thank you for being here.

Shushana: Thank you so much, Lisa.

Leisa: There you have it, another extraordinary woman doing extraordinary things. I'm Lisa Holland-Nelson, president and cofounder of Content Active, Houston's leading web and mobile design and development company. You can fine me at or follow me on Twitter @LHNelson. I'll be back again next week with another edition of Women Mean Business.

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