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The Light Files

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Laura Max introduces, explains, and answer the many questions she gets asked about The Light Files. Plus find out her inspiration for starting it all.

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Laura Max: Hi, everyone. I'm Laura Max, your host of The Light Files on, brought to you, as always, by Audi Central Houston. As you can see, there's nobody here with me today, and we're going to do something a little bit different. I'm actually going to tell you all about what the Light Files really is. I have people come up to me all the time and they say, "Is it the Light Styles? The Light Flies? What is it?" And nobody really knows what it means or where it came from. So I'm going to just take you back to the very beginning.

The name The Light Files for me actually came from my favorite quote. It's by Marianne Williamson, and one part of the quote is, "It's our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most." And I love that quote because for me it just reminds me of all the times I've really wanted to do something and I thought, "Oh, well actually I can't do that," and really I'm more afraid of, well, who would I actually be if I could shine that bright layer, if I could do what I really wanted to do. I'm usually much more afraid of shining brightly than I am of sort of sitting at home and doing nothing, for whatever reason. And I think a lot of human beings share that same concern.

So as a young 20-something; I'm 25 now, but at 23 I was living in Boston and I had just graduated from college, and I really wanted, like every young 20-somethings, to truly follow my dreams, to break ground, to not be like everybody else. And I actually started doing freelance photography. I was really feeling around and searching for what I wanted to do and I sold my car so that I could continue living in Boston; it's quite an expensive city. And I was really struggling and I had a lot of newfound respect for people who actually did manage to go out into the world and follow their dreams, because I saw how hard it was. And for me, at the end of the day I ended up coming home to Houston, then working where I work now, which is in a job that I do love, and really, really looking out at people who are older than me, people who are 35, 45, seeing people who are makeup artists, who started Pilates studios, who were doing things that were completely different than whatever the norm is. And I was so fascinated by them and I really wanted to track my own journey as well.

So I started a blog actually called The Light Files, which for me is where I write about my journey towards becoming more and more of who I am, both just as in my own life and professionally. And Russ Capper, who is the producer of this show and, approached me about starting a show on his website and told me I could call it The Light Files, which I was so excited about, to have them both be part of really the same idea. And what the show The Light Files is about is profiling other individuals who are doing the same thing, who are either in the process of following their unconventional dreams and unconventional ways or who already have, who really are doing what they love every day. And the reason why I profile those people is because they are certainly rare and I find that I feel so inspired whenever I meet them, when I go out and get to know them, and I really want to share their stories with all of you.

So to conclude this very unconventional episode of The Light Files, I ask all of you to ask yourselves if you fit that description or if you know anyone who does and send me an e-mail, if you think of someone, at Our show runs every week and we're looking for candidates in 2014. So if you can think of somebody that has followed their unconventional dreams and unconventional ways, really inspires you, and even if that person's you, send me an e-mail,, and get in touch with us today.

Thank you, guys, for watching. As always, you're awesome. I'm Laura Max, your host of The Light Files on, brought to you, as always, by Audi Central Houston. We'll see you next time. Bye, everyone.

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