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Laura Max revisits segments from three of her favorite interviews with people who defied the odds to follow their dreams.

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Laura: Hi, everyone. I'm Laura Max, your host of The Light Files on, brought to you by Audi Central Houston. I am here with our Longhorn friend inside of the Tasting Room, where I've just wrapped up an interview with Jerry Lasco, the founder of this fabulous establishment. And Jerry is one of the many inspiring individuals that I have had the privilege of interviewing this year, so I thought in honor of wrapping up the holiday season I would travel back in time and show you my three favorite moments from The Light Files in 2013.

The first one is with Stefani Twyford, the founder of Legacy Multimedia, who tells us all about alignment; what it is, what it means to her, and how all the adventures she's had up until now have led her to exactly where she's supposed to be. Check it out.

Stefani: Well, so it's been a rocky path and it's - on the way I have done a variety of jobs, I've collected a variety of skills. And the way I look at that now is I have a tool belt of different skills that I utilize in the work that I do that I've collected. And along the way, you know, I've done things, I've gotten degrees and things that I afterwards thought, "What was I doing that for?"

Laura: What was I spending all that money getting this degree in?

Stefani: Yeah, exactly. And now-

Laura: How many people have felt that way, looking back on their college career-

Stefani: Exactly.

Laura: -or the millions of odd jobs that they've had?

Stefani: But where I sit today, there's not a skill that I haven't collected that I don't use. And so for me, when I say "alignment," alignment is kind of - it's weird, I mean I get the whole light shining on you type metaphor. But I find myself doing what I love, working with people I love to be with, and using the skills that I have. And I think people have a purpose in life. I think we all have different personalities, we have different skills that we bring to the table, and when you can find yourself in a career where you feel self-actualized and you feel like everything that you have done and collected along the way has led you to be where you are, that's what I mean by alignment.

Laura: Best feeling in the world.

Stefani: It's pretty amazing.

Laura: Yeah.

Stefani: It's pretty good.

Laura: My next favorite moment on The Light Files this year was with Henry Richardson, the founder of DEFINE Body & Mind, which I'm sure many of you visited this year, if you haven't driven past them in the street. DEFINE is popping up everywhere in Houston and soon around the country, and Henry tells us of a moment he had with his professor in business school that changed the trajectory of his life.

Henry: What he said was, "It's all of our responsibilities to define our role in life." And the word "define" at that moment stuck out so brightly to me that without telling on myself I cut school, my next class, and I went to the Harris County Office and filed my DBA, which is the Doing Business As. And it was DEFINE Body & Mind.

Laura: And only a couple years later I guess you opened your first studio.

Henry: Right. Exactly. So this was the beginning of my second year of business school that I was taking this new enterprise class, and actually my second semester, which is the last semester of business school, I did an entire independent study with this same professor.

Laura: Wow.

Henry: And before the actual graduation of my MBA I had signed a lease and decided I was opening up my first studio.

Laura: For your 30th birthday.

Henry: It was for my 30th birthday. It just so happened that we did, we opened up the day after my 30th birthday.

Laura: That's pretty amazing. That's so amazing.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah.

Laura: And my third-favorite moment on The Light Files this year was with Edward Sanchez, Houston's most fabulous makeup artist, who tells us that of all the success he's had this year, there was one moment, a very heartwarming one at that, that started it all. Check it out.

Edward: I had a really close family member, my mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. And we came to Houston after I had studied biochemistry, and she was going through her treatments and she was losing her hair; she was losing her eyelashes and her eyebrows. And for a woman I think that is something that's-

Laura: So hard.

Edward: -is something that's very hard. And there was a program at MD Anderson called Looked Good Feel Beautiful, and the makeup artists that were involved would teach ladies how to do their wigs, how to put on eyelashes, how to do their makeup so they can actually feel better about themselves. And I think it was a genius program. And in doing so we started helping other individuals with their looks.

And I came across a young girl who must have been about 16 or 17 years old.

Laura: Wow.

Edward: And she had leukemia all her life. She had no hair ever. And we started performing the makeover on her, and when one thing came to another we pulled out a big red Dolly Parton wig and some big false eyelashes and she was just this most amazing little girl, and when we did the reveal she started to cry. And it scared me so much that I ran up to her and I said, "No, we can change it. We can change the wig."

Laura: You thought she didn't like it.

Edward: I thought she didn't like it. And she looked at me and she says, "You don't understand. I've never been this beautiful." And it just hit me so deeply in my heart. It really moved me so much to know that something as simple as makeup can make somebody look good on the outside, but can make somebody feel so differently on the inside. And that's what I strive to do. That's what I want to do with people and that's what I want to do for each individual person that comes into the lounge.

Laura: Thank you all for joining us in 2013. We've interviewed so many individuals who are following their unconventional dreams in unconventional ways. We can't wait to meet more of them next year. We'll see you all in 2014. I'm Laura Max, your host of The Light Files on, brought to you by Audi Central Houston.

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