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Episode 455: Growing the Entrepreneurial Pool

Episode 455 originally broadcast on February 22, 2014

Great things are happening at Houston Community College. As president of HCC Northwest, featured guest Dr. Zachary Hodges has something to say about that! In our vignettes, Leisa interviews Lisa Pounds of Green Plate Foods; PKF's Karen Love speaks with Rose Morales, King Ranch Saddle Shop; Robin chats with Alex Brown, Waste Management; and Laura Max interviews silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose.

School of Business 2/22/2014

Russ and John host the show that still does what we do. We think Capitalism rocks! Includes: our Quote of the Week—practical words from Apache engineer George King; This Week in Business History includes Woolworth’s, Prohibition and Castro; the Jargon Challenge Round—trendy technospeak you should know; and Dumb Moments—how do you define DESPOT?

Dr. Zachary Hodges - Houston Community College Northwest

Houston Community College’s Northwest College has an award-winning and growing entrepreneurship program. Attending community college is about more than just getting a degree these days, it’s finding your place in the economy. As president of HCC Northwest, Dr. Zachary Hodges says it’s his job to prepare his students to enter the workforce and then get out of the way.

The Light Files - Cindi Harwood Rose

She was born an artist. Laura Max interviews Cindi Harwood Rose, founder of Silhouettes by Cindi, one of only a few artist that still create Silhouette art in the world.

Brandonomics from Savage - Alex Brown

Can you use social media to show off your employees? Robin Tooms asks Alex Brown, senior social media and employment branding specialist at Waste Management.

Women Mean Business - Lisa Pounds

We’re told to eat healthy, but that can mean so many different things. Leisa Holland-Nelson gets specific with Lisa Pounds, founder and CEO of Green Plate Foods.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Rose Morales

Have you seen the King Ranch trucks? PKF's Karen Love gets the details from Rose Morales, general manager of the King Ranch Saddle Shop.

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