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Episode 453: Mexico Energy Update

Episode 453 originally broadcast on February 08, 2014

A major shift is occurring in the energy industry and we’re here to cover it. Featured Guest Carlos Solé, Baker Botts’ co-chair of the firm’s Latin America practice, offers a thorough update on the energy changes happening in Mexico. In our vignettes, Leisa visits with Dr. Marie Goradia, Pratham Houston; PKF’s Byron Hebert offers another Tool Time Update; Robin visits with Alex Brown, Waste Management; and Laura Max interviews Ruchi Mukherjee, Lights Camera Action.

School of Business 2/08/2014

Russ and John host the show that champions the innovators and the entrepreneurs. We love our town best because we’d rather have pot holes than piles of snow! Includes: our Quote of the Week—humor from American journalist A.J. Liebling; This Week in Business History includes the innovation of UPS, IBM and the Hubble Telescope; and the Jargon Challenge Round—trendy technospeak you should know.

Carlos Solé - Baker Botts

Carlos Solé, partner with law firm Baker Botts, is co-chair of the firm’s Latin America practice with a particular focus on the energy industry. Now that Mexico has opened its oil and gas industry to foreign investment, changes are afoot. Deepwater drilling opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and shale gas opportunities in Northern Mexico make Mexico a new and enthusiastic player in the global oil and gas space. Russ gets a thorough update on the Mexican energy market.

The Light Files - Ruchi Mukherjee

She was a crime beat reporter in India before launching her Houston-based South Asian society news magazine. Laura Max interviews Ruchi Mukherjee, founder and editor of Lights Camera Action.

Brandonomics from Savage - Alex Brown

Need a better way to make social media work for you? Robin Tooms visits with Alex Brown, senior social media and employment branding specialist at Waste Management.

Women Mean Business - Marie Goradia

Another extraordinary woman offers extraordinary advice. Leisa Holland-Nelson visits with Dr. Marie Goradia, president of Pratham Houston.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Byron Hebert

Have you checked your Bike of Life lately? Byron Hebert, director of Entrepreneurial Advisory Services at PKF Texas, offers another Tool Time Update.

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