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Episode 452: Human (Resources) Entrepreneurs

Episode 452 originally broadcast on February 01, 2014

Featured Guest Michael Hopkins co-founded Employer Flexible ten years ago. Startups can’t be this successful without some critical decision points and pivots. In our vignettes, Leisa visits with Tere Batista, Employers One Source Group; PKF’s Byron Hebert offers another Tool Time Update; Robin chats with Michelle Holmes of James Coney Island; and Laura Max interviews Joel Quinones of Q [the salon].

School of Business 2/1/2014

Russ and John host the show that champions entrepreneurship. It’s our 452nd show and we feel pretty good about it! Includes: our Quote of the Week—a flexible comment from Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw; This Week in Business History includes a sports entrepreneur, shoe rationing and the genius of Texas Instruments; the Jargon Challenge Round—trendy technospeak you should know; and Dumb Moments—the Olympics is in a scary place.

Michael Hopkins - Employer Flexible

Ten years ago, three friends wanted to work for themselves so started a traditional staffing company. Over the years, they have pivoted, divested, acquired and otherwise built the company into several Texas-based offices that offer three comprehensive business solutions and serve 44 states. As a one-stop shop, they offer solutions in human resources, IT and recruiting. Russ interviews Michael Hopkins, co-founder of Employer Flexible.

The Light Files - Joel Quinones

The universe gave him a big push and he went with it! Laura Max interviews Joel Quinones, owner and artistic director of Q [the salon].

Brandonomics from Savage - Michelle Holmes

Does your brand help keep your customers engaged? Robin Tooms chats with Michelle Holmes, director of marketing for James Coney Island.

Women Mean Business - Tere Batista

You know how to make widgets, but do you know HR law? Leisa Holland-Nelson visits with Tere Batista, CEO and founder of Employers One Source Group.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Byron Hebert

If you’re not dissatisfied, you’re not paying attention! Byron Hebert, director of Entrepreneurial Advisory Services at PKF Texas, offers another Tool Time Update.

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