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Women Mean Business - Annette Monks

Annette Monks

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Today’s extraordinary woman has a scoop on the Greater Houston Partnership’s Soiree Sept 6, 2014. Leisa Holland-Nelson chats with Annette Monks, president of Carlton Staffing and Carltech Engineering and Technical.

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Leisa: Hello and welcome to a special edition of Women Mean Business, where we're going to take you up close and personal with extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. My guest today is Annette Monks, president of Carlton Staffing and Carltech, but vice-chair of the Greater Houston Partnerships' annual soiree. Welcome, Annette.

Annette: Thank you for having me, Leisa.

Leisa: I'm excited to be here today to talk about the soiree. Tell us about the event.

Annette: It's a fabulous event. It is a gala, which means there is dressing up and there's dancing, and there's a lot of food and a lot of fun. Also, in attendance will be the mayor, local politicians, the councils, philanthropists, the top leaders for some of the largest companies in the city. And so there will be probably 700 people there, usually about that many. And there will be entertainment, and there will be different types of cuisine, international cuisine that you can try. So it's not just one thing. It's not just one sit-down dinner. There's a lot of moving around. There's a silent auction going on. There's a casino, little casino.

Leisa: Oh wow.

Annette: So lots of activity, lots of fun. There's an after party afterwards. So probably it can fit the bill for just about anything you want in a gala, you'll find here.

Leisa: I've heard it called one of the most events in the city.

Annette: Well, I think that's -

Leisa: On many occasion.

Annette: I think that's accurate.

Leisa: Yeah. So I'm excited. I know that I plan to be there, and I know that it is September 6th at Hotel ZaZa.

Annette: Correct.

Leisa: And tickets are on sale and available at

Annette: That is correct.

Leisa: Okay. Super. Well, I know I'll see you there.

Annette: Okay. Thanks.

Leisa: Thank you so much. There you have it. An extraordinary event coming up in our city. We hope you'll join us there. I'm Leisa Holland-Nelson, president and co-founder of ContentActive, Houston's leading Web and mobile technology company. You can find me at or follow me on Twitter @LHNelson. We'll be back again next week with another edition of Women Mean Business.

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