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Episode 396: More of Our Favorite Entrepreneurs

Episode 396 originally broadcast on January 05, 2013

We revisit interviews with two classic BusinessMakers: genealogist Bennett Greenspan, founder of FamilyTreeDNA; and serial entrepreneur Nic Phillips, founder of CultureMap. In our vignettes, Leisa interviews Lisa Roth of Montgomery Roth Architecture and Interior Design; Robin interviews PKF’s Karen Love; and Russ visits with Greg Price.

Nic Phillips -

Our Featured Guest founded CultureMap, but that’s not where his story starts. Nic Phillips was only 11 years old when he began his first career as a theatrical lighting technician. The industry was making strides in the development of new lighting technology and soon he was traveling internationally, working at DisneyLand Hong Kong, in Mexico and in New Zealand. He founded CultureMap to create a completely digital magazine, so first developed a utility software application to support an enterprise class digital publishing organization. So far he has three markets publishing—all totally integrated—with original editorial.

Bennett Greenspan -

Genealogist/entrepreneur Bennett Greenspan makes a return visit to our show. Since its founding in April 2000, FamilyTreeDNA has tested and added to its database more than 600,000 people. FamilyTreeDNA uses molecular biology to prove genetic relationships between two people. And, with the number of adoptions in America increasing at rapid rates, the company now offers a new test to find genetic relations among a different set of chromosomes that even proves half relations (half siblings, etc). It’s a global business and Greenspan could not have launched his business at a better time.

Brandonomics from Savage - Karen Love

Did you know that ‘Culture’ can be critical to your brand development? Robin Tooms interviews Karen Love, director of practice growth for accounting firm PKF Texas.

Women Mean Business - Lisa Roth

Leisa Holland-Nelson seeks career advice from Lisa Roth, principal and co-founder of Montgomery Roth Architecture and Interior Design.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Greg Price

Microsoft Dynamics’ latest NAV release has added mobility features. Russ discusses challenges and changes with PKF’s Greg Price.

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