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The Light Files - Shane Evans

Shane Evans

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Not many people get an undercover view of their company… like Shane Evans did. Laura Max interviews Shane Evans, co-founder and COO of Massage Heights.

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Laura: Hi, everyone, I'm Laura Max, your host of The Light Files, brought to you by Audi Central Houston. I'm here today with Shane Evans, the COO of Massage Heights, which I'm sure many of you have been to here in Houston. So before we get going, Shane, give us an overview of Massage Heights.

Shane: Sure. Massage Heights is a membership-based therapeutic massage company. We offer affordable, convenient and professional massage services. We are actually an international company here in the United States and Canada, and we're getting ready to open our 100th location.

Laura: Wow.

Shane: Yeah, it's a great way for kind of the every day person to take care of, you know, just overall health and wellness, integrate massage therapy into your healthy lifestyle routine. And you know, honestly, I don't look forward to working out every day, but I look forward to getting a massage as often as I possibly can.

Laura: You know, I'll have to say I am guilty of thinking if I get a massage it's sort of the same.

Shane: Yeah, I mean, increase the circulation, blood flow and all.

Laura: I don't think that's actually true, but I'm going to keep telling myself that.

Shane: Just get'm every day and maybe it'll --

Laura: I'm going to look into that for sure. All right, that's really cool, and now I went to get a massage every day, but what I really want to talk about, and what I'm sure our viewers really want to know about, is your recent experience on Undercover Boss. You got to go behind the scenes at Massage Heights, you got to work with some of your employees - tell us about that experience.

Shane: Oh, it was a lot of fun. It was also exhausting.

Laura: I bet.

Shane: Yeah, mentally draining. But I learned a lot about our company while I was undercover.

Laura: So for those of our viewers who don't watch the show, what was it that you found out about your company? It must have been really cool to have that kind of view?

Shane: Oh, it was. I mean, Undercover Boss is a reality television show where executives of the companies actually go undercover in a character that people don't recognize, and it gives them the ability to talk to their employees and find out more about whether or not the employees love the company, if there's things they can improve upon, and also if there's any problems going on, like major problems.

Laura: So we all want to know about problems - problems and positives. Tell us what you uncovered?

Shane: Yeah, you know, I wish I could tell you that there was some major drama.

Laura: No major drama?

Shane: No major drama. I didn't end up firing anybody or anything.

Laura: Probably a good thing.

Shane: Yeah, yeah, it was actually awesome. What I met was some really incredible people. Some very young people, as a matter of fact. One of the girls that I worked with, her name is Tory, and she's a Retreat Director in Florida, and she's 21 years old, she has a mom that's about my age, and so I really connected with her. She was so smart and so passionate and just carried herself so well. I was just incredibly impressed with her. And I absolutely loved her. So it was so much fun to work with her, and then kind of find out her back story, you know, and realize that here she was in another state, away from her family, missing her siblings grow up, and all those things, and she's so committed to our brand. I just wanted to do something for her because she did such a great job for us.

Laura: How cool for you to be able to get that kind of perspective and meet these people and know more about them. I bet that's going to make you in the long run even better at your position - not that you haven't been fantastic at it already.

Shane: Ah, I hope so. You know, I think that when you're behind a desk you often lose perspective, and I remember what it was like when we first started this company ten years ago. All of the things that I went through every single day with our guests, with our employees, and all those things. But you do sort of lose perspective when you're not there.

Laura: Yeah, yeah.

Shane: And this gave me that insight that I think that it's not that I didn't have it, it just wasn't in my face, you know?


Shane: I enjoyed having that in my face and going, "You know what? These are good people that are doing good things and we need to do more good for them. What more good can we do for them?"

Laura: Absolutely. So from having that experience, I always ask whoever's on my show to tell me what they would tell a millennial or a young person about following their dreams? What I actually want to know from you is, what would you tell other COOs or CEOs or CMOs about your experience?

Shane: Oh, I'd say do it. I would say do it. I think it's an incredible experience. I think everybody should do it. Even if you don't go on Undercover Boss. If you don't have the opportunity to get on a show like that, you need to at least go in and do some secret shopping. Go undercover as somebody else. Do the secret shopping in your business. Find out if your employees are happy. Find out if they're treating your guests the way that you want them to be treated. And again, not everybody's going to have the Undercover Boss experience with eight or nine million viewers on a Friday night --

Laura: Right.

Shane: But you can get the same insight by doing it in a different way. The only thing is that I would say that was really different - you could go in as a customer, right, undercover, that's easy to do. I can change my mind and go in and get a massage and talk to people about how do you like working here, that kind of thing. But I wouldn't get to work with them. The Undercover experience allows you to actually work with them like an employee would and do the job that they're doing, that's the difference.

Laura: That's really incredible. And now I want to check out the staff. That's awesome. Well, Shane, thank you so much for being on the show today.

Shane: Thank you for having me, Laura, I appreciate it.

Laura: And I'm your host, Laura Max, of The Light Files by Laura Max on You can find me on Twitter at lauramaxnelson, or Facebook, Light Files, and we'll see you next week. Bye.

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