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Women Mean Business - Loretta Cross

Loretta Cross

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Leisa Holland-Nelson seeks career advice from Loretta Cross, VP for the Energy & Environment Practice of consulting firm Charles River Associates.

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Leisa: Hello. I'm Leisa Holland-Nelson and welcome to another edition of Women Mean Business where we're going to take you up close and personal with extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. My guest today is Loretta Cross, Vice President for Energy and the Environment for Charles River and Associates, a new company here in Houston. Loretta, you've achieved a great deal in your career. Imagine we had a young businesswoman sitting here with us today. What advice would you give her to achieve the success you've achieved?

Loretta: Oh, that's a great question, Leisa, and I would say really get involved in the community. The people that you meet, getting involved in something you're passionate with is really the best place to advance your career because they can see really how strong you are, what kind of leadership skills you have and especially with something that you're passionate about, it's really easy to display those things. If you can do that outside of your company, then you can really establish yourself well in the community and your company will respect that.

Leisa: Thank you. I think that's wonderful advice. There you have it. Extraordinary advice from another extraordinary woman. I'm Leisa Holland-Nelson, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Content Active. You can find me at Content or follow me on Twitter @LHNelson. We'll be back again next week with another edition of Women Mean Business.

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