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Episode 394: Sports Innovation (and Entrepreneurism)

Episode 394 originally broadcast on December 22, 2012

Former commodities trader Ben Lipson has taken Fantasy Sports to the next level. Russ interviews the founder of Sports Tradex, an online sports marketplace. Then, we’ll visit with Henry Goodrow about the exciting goings-on at Microsoft. In our vignettes, Leisa interviews Sarah Groen of SURGE Accelerator; Robin visits with two of our favorites; and Greg Price debriefs PKF tax director Gary Voth.

School of Business 12/22/2012

Russ and Leisa present the show that champions the make-it-happen entrepreneurs, and that includes Women [who] Mean Business. (Ha! See what we did there?) We love the creativity of innovation and we’ve got some serious innovation happening here. Includes: The BusinessMakers Quote of the Week—a techno observation from Wall Street technology analyst Esther Dyson; This Week in Business History includes the innovation of dry cleaning, the first radio transmission, and Roger Staubach’s creation of the Hail Mary pass; and the Jargon Challenge Round—trendy technospeak that YOU should know.

Ben Lipson - Sports Tradex

Former commodities trader Ben Lipson has taken Fantasy Sports to the next level. Lipson has created a marketplace, a virtual stock exchange using virtual money, for predicting game performance of players and outcome of events. Don’t like your Texans? Sell them and pick up the Patriots! Like an economic stock exchange, one can often predict results by participant (investor) behavior as odds change in real time during the game. There is a competitive aspect to the site, with actual prize money for various games. And wait until you hear Lipson’s advertising model.

Henry Goodrow - Microsoft Corp.

It’s exciting times at Microsoft. Windows 8 offers a new user interface, has touch screen capabilities and serves as Microsoft’s debut in the computer hardware sales category. Other applications, such as Office 2013, are being released as well. Russ interviews Henry Goodrow, global technology specialist for Microsoft. Goodrow demos features, tips and shortcuts of the new system.

Brandonomics from Savage - Special

It has been a great year full of great marketing advice. This week Robin Tooms reviews a couple of great moments from Lisa Gordon Yunus, Director of Brand at Waste Management and Mark Rudkin, Executive Director of Marketing at the Jones School, at Rice University.

Women Mean Business - Sarah Groen

How do you follow a meteoric rise to success? Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Sarah Groen, co-founder and director of SURGE Accelerator, a mentor-driven start-up and discusses about future plans with Sarah..

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Gary Voth

The recent Fast Tech 50 conference focused primarily on energy-related companies. Greg Price debriefs PKF tax director Gary Voth, a conference participant.

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