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Women Mean Business - Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith

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Women Mean Business host Leisa Holland-Nelson, president of ContentActive, interviews Cathy Smith, Walmart International.

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Leisa: Hello, I'm Leis Holland-Nelson and welcome to another edition of Women Mean Business where we're going to take you up close and personal with extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. We have a special guest today, Kathy Smith from Walmart International and we're actually recording here at The Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce. Kathy's here talking about Walmart's Women's Initiative, which I don't think a lot of us know about.

Kathy: Yeah.

Leisa: Tell us about it.

Kathy: Yeah, you know, Walmart is an amazing company and we recognized, uh, many years ago, uh, that - largely under the current leadership of our CEO - that, um, you know, women are a significant part of the workforce and a significant part of our customers and, um, we have such a huge need for talent as we continue to grow and serve our customers that if we don't tackle and - and figure out a way to attract and develop and retain women we're going to b-be missing it and won't be able to - to do what we need to get done.

And so we have a major initiative - and have had for a number of years - around becoming the best place for women to work at all levels in our company. And, uh, so that - that - that initiative has four different pillars and those are everything from, uh, a-attracting and retaining talent to developing, uh, women leaders to promoting diversity and inclusion and then investing externally.

And we have efforts across all of the pillars and everything from - the external one is around the world. I get the opportunity to see the world, uh, and how we get, uh, to serve our customers there and, um, women make up such a big part of the workforce that, uh, around the world we're developing farms and factories women in farms and factories and helping them with education training and methods and stuff. And then training as well as our sourcing of women owned businesses as - and professional services and asking the professional services that we interact with to bring more women to the table. And by doing all of those things we'll continue to promote women externally.

internally we've got a lot of efforts around attracting and developing people and women around sponsorship, around getting more exposure, around increasing advancement opportunities. So a lot of stuff that we're doing internally as well as externally and in a really big way like only Walmart can.

Leisa: I'm amazed and so thankful that you told us about that. I don't think many people realize what an extraordinary company Walmart truly is.

Kathy: Its is, I'm very very blessed to be here. Thank you.

Leisa: Thank you very much. There you have it, another extraordinary woman doing extraordinary things. I'm Leisa Holland-Nelson, President and Cofounder of ContentActive, Houston's leading web and mobile technology company. You can find me at or follow me on Twitter at LHnelson. We'll be back again next week with another edition of Women Mean Business.

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