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Aimee Woodall - The Black Sheep Agency

Interviewer: Katie Laird, Esther Steinfeld | Guest: Aimee Woodall | Episode: 100 | Date: June 29, 2011

Aimee Woodall, founder and Leader of the Flock of the Black Sheep Agency, join Esther and Katie on their 100th episode to talk about the direction of marketing and how she is constantly changing her tactics to find what works. 

Martin Berson - Snap Kitchen

Interviewer: Katie Laird, Esther Steinfeld | Guest: Martin Berson | Episode: 098 | Date: June 15, 2011

Katie & Esther interview Martin Berson, founder and chief grass roots officer of Snap Kitchen, a healthy grab-n-go restaurant concept that offers nutrition, portion control and fresh ingredients custom-prepared and packaged for ease of use. Berson, a well-known Houston restauranteur, believes it’s the company’s transparency—through labeling, use of local ingredients, and in its cooking and packaging process—that sets it apart. (“We’re making it easy for people to eat better.”) 

Chef Claire Smith - Canopy

Interviewer: Katie Laird, Esther Steinfeld | Guest: Chef Claire Smith | Episode: 094 | Date: May 18, 2011

Katie & Esther interview Claire Smith, co-owner of Shade and Canopy Restaurants in Houston. Shade in the Heights was such a success, Claire felt she should open another location in Montrose. Claire talks about the local, fresh movement and the life of a restauranteur. (“We were expected to find something that we loved to do.”) 

Susan Bennett - Ava Kitchen & Whiskey Bar

Interviewer: Esther Steinfeld | Guest: Susan Bennett | Episode: 089 | Date: April 13, 2011

Think you’d like to open and fabulous and trendy restaurant? Esther interviews Susan Bennett, Managing Partner of the Schiller Del Grande Restaurant Group, in their latest eatery. Susan’s says it’s the team approach, detailed planning and diversity within the group that makes great things happen. Oh, and there’s hard work and coincidence! (“We have to be incredibly flexible and able to spin on a dime.”)  

Courtney Pemberton - Schipul

Interviewer: Katie Laird | Guest: Courtney Pemberton | Episode: 088 | Date: April 06, 2011

Think you might consider a career in Sales? Katie visits with a Schipul business development and sales professional who relates an interesting story about the roundabout way she used her strengths and passion to establish her own career path. Courtney believes her passion is actually a work ethic thing, but it has served her well and she is still pleased with the result. (“I kinda fell into sales because that’s the position that was available.”) 

Lindsey Schechter - Dairymaids

Interviewer: Katie Laird | Guest: The BusinessMakers | Episode: 083 | Date: March 29, 2011

Katie Laird sits down with Lindsey Schechter of Dairymaids and has a very interesting conversation about how she chose to help start the Dairymaids whose "goal is to meet artisan Texas cheesemakers, learn about their craft, and bring the best of their products to Houston." You might be surprised by just how many local cheesemakers there are right here in your own backyard. 

Katherine Druckman - Southwest Drupal Summit

Interviewer: Katie Laird | Guest: Katherine Druckman | Episode: 077 | Date: January 19, 2011

Katie interviews Katherine Druckman, a member of Houston’s Drupal Community. Drupal Content Management System and Framework is an enterprise-level web application platform; the Southwest Drupal Summit seeks to bring together experts, novices and business leaders to share experiences and acquire new skills. (“I was sitting at home on my couch and watching the Grammies on Twitter.”) 

Nima Fatouretchi, Sonoma Wine Bar

Interviewer: Katie Laird, Esther Steinfeld | Guest: Nima Fatouretchi | Episode: 072 | Date: December 21, 2010

Katie and Esther are broadcasting from the Sonoma Wine Bar, interviewing manager Nima Fatouretchi. Wine bars have exploded in popularity, but Nima says the laidback atmosphere at Sonoma is the best. The bar staff works hard to make their customers feel welcome and comfortable. (“Nobody’s ever wrong when it comes to wine. If you think it tastes like chocolate, then it tastes like chocolate.”) 

Katrina Esco - PR Chick

Interviewer: Katie Laird | Guest: Katrina Esco | Episode: 070 | Date: December 12, 2010

Katie visits with Katrina Esco about her PR work with musician clients. Did you know you can post your music tracks on Twitter, then track the number of plays you get? Are you using email press kits? Katrina discusses other ways she leverages the Internet to promote her clients, believing that every effort, no matter how small, could be the one that makes a difference. (“If I’m not talking about myself, who’s going to talk about me?!”) 

Abby Larson -

Interviewer: Esther Steinfeld | Guest: Abby Larson | Episode: 066 | Date: November 03, 2010

Designer Abby Larson had already sold a line of wedding invitations when she launched her wedding blog. Word spread like wildfire and, in six months flat, she knew she had a hit on her hands. Today she has seven fulltime employees, six more sales people and they’re getting 9 million page views a month. Relying on the experience of her previous wedding design operation, she had a better idea of the company she wanted to grow, and how she wanted to do it. Esther asks, ‘Could this be the wedding magazine of the future?’ (“Frankly, we work our tails off. We put all our time into this business.”) 

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