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Maria Tapias and Leonardo Basterra - koob

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Maria Tapias, Leonardo Basterra | Episode: 610 | Date: February 18, 2017

Amber visits with the co-founders of Koob Audio, a company that produces 3D virtual reality audio books. They started with children’s books and hope to have a full library of stories ready by spring 2017. 

Rick Brennan - Histrionix

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Rick Brennan | Episode: 609 | Date: February 11, 2017

When Rick Brennan was a classroom teacher, he learned that not every student can be effectively taught in the same way. But when the content is presented through a game, interest and involvement increase and everything changes. So, he launched an instructional design firm based on a STEAM powered model. Histrionix is now winning grants and awards because others are having success with Rick’s program too. Could this be the future of education?  

Howard Hale - Hale Syndicate

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Howard Hale | Episode: 608 | Date: February 04, 2017

Ever think your business could benefit from adding video to your website? Did you ever want to post on YouTube? Maybe put some video vignettes on your company’s Facebook page? Featured Guest Howard Hale says anyone who wants to make a video, can. “Just do it!” Hale’s marketing agency in Seattle helps clients to leverage video production and internet marketing to increase sales and grow their business. 

Lauren Barrash - Founder of The Wave

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Lauren Barrash | Episode: 607 | Date: January 28, 2017

She broke a stiletto heel one night clubbing—and a career was made! Five years later, Lauren Barrash has a growing company and a terrific story. When people asked, Lauren listened, filling the gap between taxis, public and private transportation, and other events. She even does food tours! The Wave serves Houston, addressing the transportation and event needs of the Galleria area, Rice Village and beyond.  

Jake Rainey - La Grange

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Jake Rainey | Episode: 606 | Date: January 21, 2017

Jake Rainey says that people who appreciate craft beer and craft cocktails tend to appreciate other unique, well-made things too. Like recycled bars and restaurants with great atmosphere. Jake has opened his third Houston hot spot under the theme of reuse, repurpose and recycle. Liberty Station, formerly an old gas station on Washington Ave.; Cottonwood, formerly a drive shaft repair shop in Garden Oaks and La Grange, a defunct bar called EJ’s are all his babies. 

Keitha Moseley-Dendy - Home Made Luxe

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Keitha Moseley-Dendy | Episode: 605 | Date: January 14, 2017

When Keitha Moseley-Dendy gave birth to twins, she began blogging to keep her family in Barbados posted on her girls. Five years later, her baby blogs have expanded to writings with recipes, DIY projects, parenting advice—and now she has launched a monthly crafting subscription. Amber Ambrose interviews a mom who is SO busy, she had to monetize her “mom nights.” Genius, right? 

Jay Drayer - Founder of PrizedPals

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Jay Drayer | Episode: 604 | Date: January 07, 2017

Amber Ambrose interviews Jay Drayer, founder of Prized Pals’ online product, Care Corral, enables friends and loved ones to become engaged as a support community with a family helping a pet in crisis. Prized Pals also offers a branded version that is available to vets, vet hospitals, animal pharmacies and others who support families with pets. This has very recently spawned “Vet Hug” to support veterinarians in light of the high suicide rate among vets. Jay founded Care Flash in 2005 to provide an online support community for ailing people. 

Lott Entertainment Presents

Interviewer: Amber Ambrose | Guest: Kathryn Lott, Allison Lott | Episode: 603 | Date: December 29, 2016

Allison had marketing experience from Broadway Across America and the Houston Symphony, Kathryn was in the production and operations side of the performing arts, making them the perfect partnership for a specialty events and project management company. Lott has a non-profit and a for-profit function, both filling a specific void within the events industry. Amber Ambrose conducts an “entertaining” interview.  

Dr. Stephen Klineberg - Kinder Institute

Interviewer: Russ Capper | Guest: Dr. Stephen Klineberg | Episode: 602 | Date: December 17, 2016

Houston was a boom town in 1982 gaining more than 1320 people every week. Dr. Klineberg and his Rice University sociology students conducted a survey of the demographics, experiences and beliefs of the most rapidly growing city ever. By the end of 1983, the price of oil had crashed and Houston had lost more than 100,000 jobs. Klineberg conducted another survey and, over the years, a remarkable demographic image has emerged. Russ is at DLS10 as he interviews Dr Stephen Klineberg, Professor of Sociology and founder of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research.  

Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia

Interviewer: Russ Capper | Guest: Jimmy Wales | Episode: 601 | Date: December 10, 2016

The founding of Wikipedia was a dream for Jimmy Wales. The “free encyclopedia for everyone” was established as a user-supported non-profit--a lofty goal, and it’s been up and running for 15 years now. Wales is fundraising and setting up an endowment with a separate board of directors to support Wikipedia long term. Russ interviews Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia and special guest speaker in the BBVA Compass Bright Perspectives series. 

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