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Women Mean Business - Nishat Jones

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Nishat Jones | Episode: 493 | Date: November 15, 2014

She just wanted to do something different—Victory allowed her to start from scratch. Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Nishat Jones, director of marketing, Victory Packaging. 

Women Mean Business - Leticia Van de Putte

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Leticia Van de Putte | Episode: 492 | Date: November 08, 2014

Extraordinary advice from a passionate career woman. Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, pharmacist and entrepreneur. 

Women Mean Business - Jane Henry

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Jane Henry | Episode: 491 | Date: November 01, 2014

Extraordinary advice FOR the next generation FROM the next generation. Leisa Holland-Nelson visits with Jane Henry, founder and CEO of Xcution Inc., a management consulting firm. 

Women Mean Business - Sushana Castle

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Sushana Castle | Episode: 490 | Date: October 25, 2014

Extraordinary advice from another extraordinary woman. Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Sushana Castle, author of Rethink Food. 

Women Mean Business - Jane Henry

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Jane Henry | Episode: 489 | Date: October 18, 2014

Enron imploded, so she started her own firm. Leisa Holland-Nelson gets the genesis story from Jane Henry, founder and CEO of Xcution Inc., a management consulting firm. 

Women Mean Business - Laura Lewis

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Laura Lewis | Episode: 488 | Date: October 11, 2014

Extraordinary advice from an extraordinary woman. Leisa Holland-Nelson hosts Laura Lewis, controller for Superior Energy Services, an oilfield services company. 

School of Business 10/4/2014

Interviewer: Russ Capper, Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: The BusinessMakers | Episode: 487 | Date: October 04, 2014

Russ & Leisa present the show about the innovators and the entrepreneurs. These are the people who will save our faltering economy and we LOVE them!! Includes: our Quote of the Week— inspiration from Coach Vince Lombardi; This Week in Business History includes the first steam-powered ferry, the first auto transmission (1911!) and revolutionary Che Guevara; and the Jargon Challenge Round—trendy technospeak you don’t know, but should.  

Edie Lutnick - Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Edie Lutnick | Episode: 487 | Date: October 04, 2014

Global financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald lost 658 employees in the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11. CEO Howard W. Lutnick asked his sister to create the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund to support the families of those Cantor employees lost on that horrible day. Edie had no charity experience but money was coming in, people were calling to give their time and 658 families were struggling to adapt to a new normal. Years later, when superstorm Sandy struck, Edie and Howard didn’t hesitate to jump in with aid for those affected. Her new book, An Unbroken Bond, details the charity launched by a day of terror. Leisa Holland-Nelson conducts the interview for this incredible story. 

Women Mean Business - Juuhi Ahuja

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Juuhi Ahuja | Episode: 487 | Date: October 04, 2014

You arrive in a new country and can’t get a job, what do you do? Get jobs for others! Leisa Holland-Nelson visits with Juuhi Ahuja, founder and CEO of Wise Men Consulting, an IT staffing, consulting and support company. 

Women Mean Business - Lisa Pounds

Interviewer: Leisa Holland-Nelson | Guest: Lisa Pounds | Episode: 486 | Date: September 27, 2014

Today’s extraordinary woman says entrepreneurism is about networking, research and serving the common good. Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Lisa Pounds, founder and CEO of Green Plate Foods. 

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