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Esther Steinfeld

Esther has a zeal for discovering and sharing what drives the most successful CEO’s in the world. After realizing at 5'3" that she'd never be a professional ballerina, Esther focused her energies on writing and journalism. Those pursuits led her to a career in PR, though she still dances around the kitchen when nobody is looking.

Esther recently founded, a site dedicated to highlighting C-level executives who give back to their communities and participate in interesting or extraordinary activities. Not All CEO’s Are Jerks shows goodwill towards the champions of our Economy, the CEO’s of companies large and small.

You'll find her at the Bark Park with her cockapoo Winnie Cooper, watching anything on The History Channel, or jogging through her ‘hood. She has an obsession with sports, and counts the time she met Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz as one of her lifetime highlights. Esther is a native Houstonian, but discovers great things about her city on a daily basis.

Esther is the PR Director for, the leading online seller of window coverings in the US and Canada, specializing in both traditional PR and PR through social media. She blogs at The Finishing Touch.

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