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About The BusinessMakers Radio Show

Welcome to The BusinessMakers! We feature entrepreneurs, the “Make It Happen” innovators, the inventors who find a better way and, perhaps even make our lives better.

What triggers that first big step to start a business? How do you become a “Make It Happen” entrepreneur? We explore the methods of start-up veterans who made it through the challenges, who made the tough decisions that put them on the road to success. We visit with inventors who will dazzle you with their brilliance and hard work. And we talk about mistakes, and about lessons learned.

Founded on June 6, 2005, The BusinessMakers radio show and web site feature the very personal business stories of entrepreneurs, from early stage start-ups, to billionaire octogenarians and all the way to big company intrapreneurs. Their stories are incredible, amazing and inspiring.

Show hosts Russ Capper and John Beddow, along with Kelsey Ruger, Erica O’Grady, Katie Laird and Kenn Stearns, interview guests who discuss the challenges, the obstacles, and the thrill of starting and growing a business.

If you would like more information on The BusinessMakers, want to nominate a guest or make comments, you can reach us through our contact page.

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