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Episode 529 | Broadcast: July 25, 2015

When Jarrell Liner hit bottom, there was no one to help. So, he developed Goodspire, an app to provide the inspiration and positive thinking that he needed. Laura Max Rose conducts the interview. In our vignettes: PKF’s Byron Hebert has a Tool Time Update; Leisa visits with Constance McDerby, Food & Vine Time Productions; and Robin Tooms chats with Steven Ward of FMC Technologies.

School of Business

School of Business 7/25/2015

Russ and John present the show that features those innovators and entrepreneurs who most positively affect our lives. They do the heavy lifting that keeps our economy moving and growing. Includes This Week in Business History and Navigating Business Jargon.

Featured Interview™

Jarrell Liner - Goodspire

Jarrell Liner has developed an app to inspire and provide encouragement to users, an app that will also push them to perform random acts of kindness that help others. Laura Max Rose interviews an inspiring guy.

BusinessMakers Thought Leaders

Brandonomics from Savage - Steven Ward

How do you get 8,000 new employees on the same page? Robin Tooms discusses internal branding with Steven Ward, corporate director of Health, Safety and Environment for FMC Technologies.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Byron Hebert

Scenario forecasts can drive your budget, growth and HR strategies and we’ll show you how. Byron Hebert, CPA, CTP, offers another Tool Time Update.

Women Mean Business - Constance McDerby

There’s never a bad time to change course and do what you love. Leisa Holland-Nelson visits with Constance McDerby, founder and co-producer at Food & Vine Time Productions.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Jarrell Liner

Jarrell he developed an app that would provide the inspiration he so desperately needed, an app to encourage random acts of kindness. Laura Max Rose interviews an inspiring guy.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Monument Inn

Russ conducts the interview with Bob and Ann Laws of Monument Inn.

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