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Episode 606 | Broadcast: January 21, 2017

People who appreciate craft beer and craft cocktails tend to appreciate other unique, well-made things too. Like recycled bars and restaurants with great atmosphere. Jake Rainey has opened three “recycled” Houston hot spots. Some guys have all the fun! In our vignettes: PKF Texas hosts Chip Schweiger; Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews ABC News correspondent Ann Compton; and Robin Tooms visits with Thao Costis, Search Homeless Services.

Featured Interview™

Jake Rainey - La Grange

What do you do after 20 years of craft beer? Turn to craft cocktails, of course! Featured Guest Jake Rainey has opened three hot-n-trendy bar/restaurants following the theme of reuse, repurpose and recycle. How cool is that?! (And it’s a cool interview.)

BusinessMakers Thought Leaders

Brandonomics from Savage - Thao Costis

What’s in a name—other than a brand challenge? Robin Tooms interviews Thao Costis, CEO of Search Homeless Services.

Women Mean Business - Ann Compton

Today’s extraordinary woman is a pioneer in many ways. Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews ABC News Washington correspondent Ann Compton.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Chip Schweiger

Jen Lemanski is back with audit director Chip Schweiger. Chip explains the type of information auditors may want from a potential client.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Jake Rainey

Amber interviews Jack Rainey of Liberty Station, formerly an old gas station on Washington Ave.; Cottonwood, formerly a drive shaft repair shop in Garden Oaks and La Grange, a defunct bar called EJ’s are all his babies.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Keitha Moseley-Dendy

Amber Ambrose interviews a mom who is SO busy, she had to monetize her “mom nights.” Genius, right?

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