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Articulating Entrepreneurism

Episode 503 | Broadcast: January 24, 2015

Featured Guest V.J. Singal believes that those who are better communicators can be more successful. Russ hosts the founder and president of The Articulate Professional. In our vignettes: PKF’s Karen Love visits with Andy Ray; Leisa chats with Sallie Sargent, Houston Super Bowl Host Committee; and Robin Tooms hosts Baker Hughes’ Joel Tarver.

School of Business

School of Business 01/24/2015

Russ & John present the show that champions entrepreneurship and free enterprise. We want to start an event called Bicycling for Capitalism! Includes This Week in Business History and the Jargon Challenge Round.

Featured Interview™

V.J. Singal - The Articulate Professional

V.J. Singal founded The Articulate Professional, a communication coaching firm, in 1993 believing that effective communicators are also more effective in their jobs. He gives a great interview—and he states his premise well!

BusinessMakers Thought Leaders

Brandonomics from Savage - Joel Tarver

How does digital marketing recruit great talent? It’s all about innovation. Robin Tooms gets specific with Joel Tarver, senior manager of digital marketing for Baker Hughes.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Andy Ray

Karen Love introduces Andy Ray, a principal on the PKF Texas EAS team. Andy shares the advantages middle market companies have and challenges they face during the life cycle of a business.

Women Mean Business - Sallie Sargent

So, what does a host committee do? Leisa Holland-Nelson talks about Super Bowl LI with Sallie Sargent, president and CEO of Houston Super Bowl Host Committee.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

V.J. Singal

V.J. founded The Articulate Professional in 1993 believing that effective communicators are also more effective in their jobs. He states his premise well.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Allie Danziger

Leisa Holland-Nelson interviews Allie Danziger, the president and founder of Integrate, a media agency serving the hospitality, retail, petroleum and real estate industries through out-of-the-box marketing and social media.

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