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Episode 585 | Broadcast: August 20, 2016

Social scientists, artists and business consultants collaborate at Deutser, a boutique consultancy focused on clarity. Russ interviews Brad Deutser, founder and president. In our vignettes: PKF’s Byron Hebert offers another Tool Time Update; Leisa visits with Jennifer Stewart, Southwestern Energy; and Robin Tooms interviews Jim Manskey of TBG Partners.

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Brad Deutser - Deutser

What could possibly be better than helping a company improve performance? Russ talks consulting with Brad Deutser, founder and president of Deutser, a boutique consultancy focused on clarity.

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Brandonomics from Savage - Jim Manskey

There are many ways to energize a mature company, and timing is important. Robin Tooms interviews Jim Manskey, president of landscape architect firm TBG Partners.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Byron Hebert

Byron Hebert, CPA, CTP, demonstrates how a Failure Mode Effect Analysis can help businesses identify risk, then reduce it.

Women Mean Business - Jennifer Stewart

Sometimes it’s not the job that’s the most rewarding, it’s the contribution to the company’s people. Leisa Holland-Nelson visits with Jennifer Stewart, SVP finance, Southwestern Energy.

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Door Space

As American companies become more global, tracking personnel--their credentials, licenses and certifications—becomes more and more cumbersome. Many industries are still dealing with PDF/spreadsheet systems; DoorSpace automates processes organization-wide to create real-time reporting and alleviate the tracking issues.

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Brad Deutser

Brad Deutser, founder and president of Deutser, a boutique consultancy focused on clarity.

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