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Episode 525 | Broadcast: June 27, 2015

The BusinessMakers host Rebecca S. Taylor, technology innovation advisor for Shell. We found her at SXSW in Austin. Misty Morales and Sherry Menger discuss their family business, Petro-Valve. In our vignettes: Russ visits with PKF Texas’ Kenneth Guidry; Leisa chats with Constance McDerby, Food & Vine Time Productions; and Robin Tooms interviews Innovative-IDM’s Gene Gray.

School of Business

School of Business 6/27/2015

Russ and John present the show that champions capitalism and entrepreneurship. We are grateful to our sponsors for keeping us off the streets. (And to think some people thought we would bomb!) Includes This Week in Business History and Navigating Business Jargon.

Featured Interview™

Rebecca S. Taylor - Technology Innovation Advisor, Shell

Years of experience with startups and technology companies resulted in Rebecca Taylor’s newest position as technology innovation advisor for Shell. Taylor identifies and mentors startups with technologies that may expand Shell’s cutting-edge capabilities.

Misty Morales & Sherry Menger - Petro-Valve

Sherry Menger, co-owner and vice president; and Misty Morales, general counsel and director of finance and operations, remember 35 years of their family business.

BusinessMakers Thought Leaders

Brandonomics from Savage - Gene Gray

Is your company the best it can be? Gene Gray wanted his company to be better. Robin Tooms interviews Gene Gray, president, Innovative-IDM.

PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® - Kenneth Guidry

Kenneth Guidry, president, PKF Texas, explains the details of the launch of Joint Venture Strategic Advisors (JVSA), a new acquisition focusing on joint venture auditing and management.

Women Mean Business - Constance McDerby

This week’s extraordinary woman celebrates food, wine and beer in the Houston Metro area. Leisa Holland-Nelson chats with Constance McDerby, founder and co-producer at Food & Vine Time Productions.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Rebecca S. Taylor

As technology innovation advisor for Shell, Taylor scouts technology partners in the energy space, seeking early stage companies.

The Businessmakers Radio Show

Misty Morales & Sherry Menger

Russ visits with Sherry Menger, co-owner and vice president; and Misty Morales, general counsel and director of finance and operations of Petro-Valve.

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